McAfee, Norton not Number 1

DISCLAIMER: I am not some high-speed, professional computer consultant and am only providing information I’ve read about anti virus programs. I am making no reccomendations here, just reporting what I’ve read. I am saying that although Symantec’s Norton AV and McAfee Virus Scan are on millions of computers the world over – they are not the #1 programs available according to cited source and an IT professional I know.

As long as I’ve been using Anti Virus solutions on my computers I’ve been using McAfee. I thought McAfee and Norton were the top 2 anti virus programs on the market until a friend the Information Technology (IT) field recommended ESET’s NOD32 ( part of ESET Smart Security, see below). This was some time last year and I’d never heard of ESET or NOD32. He even sent me a link to an online review so I could see what the difference was and read their test results, but at the time I decided to stick with good old McAfee.

For about 2 weeks my computer had been crashing in an unusual manner. Right in the middle of working I’d start a program and I’d get a Dr Watson Post Mortem error report, then the computer would freeze up completely and I’d have to power it down. This got tiring after several crashes so I decided to a look into ESET Smart Security - visit siteESET NOD32 and scan my computer. The first thing I did was download AVG 8 Free (update: Microsoft Security Essentials is better for free … link below) while I looked for and purchased NOD32. AVG found a Trojan Backdoor infection in one of the websites I work on which had been compromised (probably via a 3rd party add-on like a forum or image gallery that should have been updated). A quick call to the site owner so he could send one of his computer guys into the server and take care of the trojan on the effected website, and close the hole and I continued cleaning my computer.

AVG 8 found and cleaned the trojan for me and then I installed and ran ESET Smart Security (which includes NOD32)

Here’s some a review on anti virus programs and another review of antivirus programs, and there are certainly other reviews posted by companies that test and compare these products out there.

FREE ANTI VIRUS PROGRAMS: Here are some free anti virus programs, if you cannot afford to pay for one of the anti-virus programs recommended in one of the reviews above then at least make sure you have a free, up-to-date version of some AV program. Here are some I’ve either used or have been recommended to me. These are just ideas, do your research and decide what’s best for you, I can’t make any recommendations – I’m just a web designer, blogger and computer semi-geek.

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  1. i can’t believe it. norton 360 is TRUELY a power hungry software. i can’t do anything productive with norton 360 installed. i uninstalled this product after 1 hour of use. very disappointed. i won’t be purchasing any norton software in the future.

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