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    This is the first effort I’ve ever heard of where a game maker has tried to put such a large emphasis on saying “buy our game new or you’ll miss something”, and its by such a popular game , too. I don’t know what it will do to MS’s Xbox live numbers, and I think it will suck for consumers – it will certainly result in more new purchases of the game and fewer purchases of the game used. That means some of us that routinely rotate through games (buy games, sell/trade and get other ones) will have to shell out some extra $$$. Those of us gamers that delight in buying new and keeping our library of our favorite 20 games will probably not be effected at all – this time.

    It’s cool to make more money but there is a point where the big businesses behind the games can go too far – I’m not too sure yet how I feel about this, but I must admit I won’t be playing online so it will probably not effect me, plus as luck would have it I’ve reserved a copy anyway.

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