1. Why didn’t you try using Filters?

    I’ve setup filters for each “type” of mail I get, so this automatically arranges them into labels (This can also arrange it in multiple labels, incase your mail has something common!) And it can also “Star them”, or hide from Inbox (Really helpful for notifications from some Networking sites!)

    In your case, for example, just set create a new filter with say ACME Corp anywhere in the mail, and then assign the label (And select apply changes to conversation below.)

    Have a look at the 3rd & 7th feature in my list of 10 GMail Features you MUST know! :)

  2. admin


    Thanks for dropping in and leaving your thoughts!

    I have about 15 filters in my work Gmail account – I do some webmastering along and web design. The labels changes I made above were due moving my webmaster emails into Gmail for its excellent spam filtering and trying to use too few labels to cover too many types of emails. I hope my experience re-labeling helps someone faced with the same need, who may not be sure how to go about it.

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