1. Aaron

    Easy is not the best place to acquire advanced information. Here’s some good tips I learned from playing on Hard: Never “rock and roll” (fire constantly), shoot carrier necromorphs multiple times before they release their loads, count how much ammo at regular intervals, only use the plasma cutter, do not go for melee attacks, and take your time in between shots.

  2. Aaron, I would agree that playing through on easy may not be the best the way to find advanced tips, and in some games different difficulty levels can require different strategies.

    You said “Never “rock and roll” (fire constantly) … count how much ammo at regular intervals … take your time in between shots” and I’d say that not firing constantly, watching your ammo and aiming are basic tips.

    About your comment … only use the plasma cutter, do not go for melee attacks … and I don’t I agree with those. The plasma cutter is a great weapon because it does the job for many opponents, plus the ammo is more plentiful for them. But IMO the Line Cutter is a very important weapon to carry. Its wider beam allows for more kills per shot – one shot can be 2-3 kills, and in rarer cases up to 4 or 5. Plus in situations where missing a fast target will end badly for Isaac the Plasma gun isn’t always the best choice. On the subject of melee attacks I used them mostly in “safer” places where using them would save ammo and not result in Isaac getting killed, and in other cases they allowed me to finish a reload at close quarters.

    I didn’t put together any advanced tips on Dead Space because I moved on to another game, so I ended up with only basic Dead Space tips.

    I’m sure playing through on Hard difficulty was really a kick to play!

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