1. tobias

    I have the same issue in my companys network. I tried to access the css url manually. And the a8c.com domian is blocked.

  2. admin

    Kirb, as tobias noted the reason I mentioned a8c.com in my post is that at least one of the stylesheets in WordPress blogs seem to be hosted there. A quick check last night showed me that a8c.com is hosted on WordPress.com servers, and that OpenDNS was in fact blocking that website based on pornographic content – probably a misunderstanding.

    At any rate the issue seems to have been cleared up. I didn’t see anything in the news about the issue (maybe I used poor search terms) and a8c.com is still blocked by OpenDNS.com and WordPress has changed the location of the “offending” stylesheet, freeing up their blogs so they look right again.

    Whatever’s going on with A8C.com might take some time to clear up with OpenDNS.com so WordPress’ response to move the stylesheet was a great idea.

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