Cool Website Design – Smart USA (the Eco Friendly Car)

I saw a commercial for the Smart (the unbig, uncar) tonight and hit their website for a nice surprise. Its not the best website ever, but its home page is super-interesting. If you don’t like it you can visit the Smart’s eco-friendly high mpg full website.

I don’t often write about websites, but this one is just pretty cool. I think for its intended audience – the group of car buyers that would want an eco-friendly, small, inexpensive automobile that for as little as $12,490 – the website is probably right up their alley. However, at 41mpg you may be more impressed with its 85% recyclability (just toss it in with the aluminum cans when done?)

I’m not writing about the technical marvel of the site or excellent usability here, but simply entertaining design,  take a look.

Smart USA Cool Car Website

YouTube Preview Image