You may be asking yourself, as I was moments ago, “How do I unlock my Cricket TXTM8 3G

Cricket TXTM8 3G cell phone

Cell Phone?” After locking your phone you are presented with a message:

Keypad is locked.
Press unlock
then <OK> to unlock.

But having just bought your new Cricket TXTM8 3G, you can’t remember an Unlock key on pg 7 of your Cricket TXTM8 3G User Guide! That’s because there is no Unlock button, its a function of one of the upper buttons when the phone is locked.

The first time I locked my phone and got that message I looked at the keyboard for an unlock button. Sure enough the Fn (function) button has what looks like a padlock, so I tried that to no avail. Next I tried the key above that, then the one above that until I hit the upper left key (labeled the Menu key in the user’s guide), then the prompt changed and I hit the OK key and poof! Note, when your phone is locked, the upper left button’s label at the bottom left of your screen changes to say “Unlock” … so if you forget, you have a reminder.


From the main screen, press Menu (Upper Left button) > Settings > Phone >  Key Guard. Your options are Off, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Select the one you want and press OK. If the rest of the Phone settings are correct press OK again and you are set!


Have you ever called someone by accident while you were walking around and perhaps your phone was in its carrier or your pocket or whatever? Key Guard prevents that and makes you purposely unlock your phone before dialing.