Origin is EA’s new gaming platform where you can find, purchase and download all the best content from EA. It’s your digital playground for EA games and exclusive content.

Also, pre-existing EA account information has been placed into an Origin account.

An email sent out by EA to existing account EA holders also mentions:

  • Your EA account is now called an Origin account.
    Your login and password are the same, and all EA account information is in your Origin account.
  • Origin is the new name of the EA Store™.
    Browse and purchase EA titles quickly and easily, with exclusive pre-order offers.
  • The EA Download Manager is also now called Origin.
    Use it to download and play PC games from anywhere in the world.
  • Origin lives where you live
    On your mobile phone, desktop, or the web, Origin is always there.

Origin is currently featuring downloads of Crysis 2, Darkspore, and a pre-ordering of Battlefield 3. The new Origin service can broadly be seen as competing with Steam, Gamestop PowerUp RewardsPro, XBOX 360 Live, and similar console online gaming communities/portals.

Learn more about Origin, and here’s a great link listing which EA games and/or products released prior to Win7 will work on Windows 7. You will note that Crysis is one of those games!