Turbo-Charging Blogger Themes with Dynamic Views

Google has turbo-charged blogger’s themes by introducing Dynamic Views. There are currently 7 choices which let you present your blogger blog in different, sortable and searchable ways.

Maybe you want try out Blogger’s new Dynamic themes on your blogger site …. do this:

Adding a Dynamic View to your blog is as easy as changing your template. Log in to Blogger, click on the Template tab on your dashboard, and select whichever view you want to set as your default. Note that readers can still choose to navigate your blog in a different view by selecting from the pulldown in the upper left of the screen.
– from the Blogger Buzz post, Dynamic Views: seven new ways…

Another nice touch is the “loading” graphic which shows gears turning as your page loads …. I’d like to have that feature on George’s Technology blog! Hmmm…

You can test-drive these new views on the Blogger Buzz site. They look pretty cool, but many of the views are best with images to make them more visual, since dynamic views are heavily into the visual – obviously. You’ve got to watch the YouTube about it … see below.

Blogger Dynamic Views
YouTube Preview Image

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