Crysis 2 Multiplayer Starter Tips – How Not To Die So Much

Image from off, you might want to do some more reading beyond my post here. I recommend at least GamesRadar’s How to stop dying so #$%@ much in Crysis 2 post, and possibly others.

This post is written assuming its your first day playing Crysis 2 video game online and you have no clue what you are doing, why you are dying and how to get all of these cool support bonuses like Maximum Radar and Maximum Nanosuit awarded. Myabe you didn’t read your manual’s section about Multiplayer … you should. If you don’t have a hard copy, download one of these:

[Crysis 2 Manual for XBOX 360] [Crysis 2 Manual for Windows PC] [Crysis 2 Manual for PS3]

About Crysis 2 Multiplayer Starting Classes

First let’s do a quick review of the preset classes you can choose from the first time you begin playing. These are the classes with a short description of each.

Assault Class – Packs a SCAR, Hammer pistol, and frag grenades.

Scout Class – Starts with Marshall pump action shotgun, Hammer pistol and flash bang grenades.

Sniper Class – Opens up with a DSG-1, Hammer pistol, and flash bang grenades.

Gunner Class – Jumps in with MK60 Mod 0, Hammer pistol, and frag grenades.

About Getting Started

Since you are just starting out, as mentioned above begin in New Recruits until you are comfortable enough to get massacred by the higher level players or reach level 11, at which time you’ll get booted out since you will no longer be a new recruit.

You can vote on the map to be played by pressing right or left bumper. Once the game launches you’ll be prompted which class you want to play as, so select Assault, Scout, Sniper or Gunner (heavy weapons). Select a class before one is automatically selected for you, there will be a count down timer showing how long you have (typically about 10-15 seconds) to choose.

About Your Weapons & Attachments

When you start out you’ve already been given a multi-million dollar suit and thousands of dollars of weaponry – you don’t get all of the weapons or any cool attachments like extra capacity mags, weapon sights, silencers, under barrel grenade launchers etc. You have to unlock these attachments while playing. You also have to unlock all of the weapons for your custom classes.

Level 5 is the first time one of your custom classes becomes available, at which point, you can select the weapons you want, provided you can unlock them. One of the first weapons I unlocked was the SCAR, for obvious reasons. The SCAR is sort of the all-terrain vehicle of war-waging weaponry. Now that you have unlocked a weapon you will customize it as you continue by selecting attachments as you collect dog tags.

The Importance of Collecting Dog Tags in Crysis 2

When you kill an enemy you will see a dog tag drop, it emits a pillar of light that you, and every enemy nearby, can see. Note your teammates will not see it because its yours to collect. Simply run over it to collect it. As you collect dog tags you’ll see on your HUD at the lower, left how many you have collected toward unlocking which support bonus (good support bonus video by EA). So long as you don’t die, your dog tags continue to add up, but if you get killed the number resets back to zero, though any earned support bonuses stay with you until the end of the match. Let’s say you are playing on the Skyline map and you are wanting to use the Orbital Strike support bonus, you need 5 dog tags. If you get 4 kills, then die you will start back over at zero dog tags although you can still use Maximum Radar since that only required 3 dog tags. When the game is launching you will see which support bonuses are available and how many dog tags you need to active which ones.

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