1. Clarence Knight

    I clean my kindle with a little glass Cleaner on a cloth to get rid of germs as well as cleaning it!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Clarence, once the Amazon told me they recommended a microfiber cloth with plain water, I stuck with that. You may never have any issues using glass cleaner, but I wasn’t going to risk it. There’s also a chance, a small one, that you may have a problem with the Kindle and they might blame your use of glass cleaner – whether or not it was actually the cause.

    Having got all the semi-paranoid part of that out of the way, you probably could use glass cleaner to dampen a microfiber cloth for cleansing once in a while without any negative side effects … I don’t really know for sure.

  3. Hey Lisa Cook you might try contacting Amazon directly to let them know what’s going on.

    When I clean my devices there are almost always some oily residue left over – even if its barely visible. That’s why I often by screen protectors when I buy new devices now.

    I have tried cleaners for eye glasses or computer screens on my devices before (smart phones, Kindle maybe) but when you do stuff like that you may void the warranty or damage your Kindle. I think better to contact support.

  4. Inger

    Thank you so much for doing the homework for me and posting directly what Amazon said! I have screen protectors on our two Kindle Fires. What are the recommendations for cleaning the protectors, or should I just follow these instructions as if the protector was not there (it is not the kind that you take off and put back on whenever)? Figured since you recommended screen protectors and you did this research, you’d have a good idea. Thanks!

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