GameStop Rip-Off Xbox One Games?

GameStop is offering to rip me off via email. Many GameStop customers probably got the same email as I did tonight. Let me also add that I am a GameStop fanboy usually, happily trading in old, undesired video games for newer games.

The email subject is “Xbox One Launch Date Announced and Game Exclusives!” and near the bottom in a green bar (pictured below) it says:

Gamestop Has You Covered!
Enjoy your New Xbox 360 Game Now,
Trade Up to the Xbox One Version for
only 9.99 reg 59.99

You might be wondering, what’s the rip-off I am talking about. Their email states the Xbox One versions of these games is $59.99. A quick check of several new video games from GameStop confirms (of course) that new video games for AAA titles is, you guessed it, $59.99.

GameStop ripoff?
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Since the Xbox One becomes available 11/22/2013 -according to the same email- what they are doing is charging you $10 to play the game on your Xbox 360 until you buy the Xbox One at which time they will take your Xbox 360 game (still worth $59.99 as far as you are concerned, right?) and when you buy the Xbox One version of the game you have, they will send you a trade-credit coupon by email – but only if you meet their terms, pictured below.

GameStop ripoff?
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So, you buy a SELECT video game for your Xbox 360 and also buy the Xbox One for about $500, then they will “give you” $9.99 for that game after you pay FULL PRICE in-store and come back later with a printed coupon good for $50.00.

Is it just me or does that sound like a rip-off? Suggestion? GameStop could try this … if you meet all of their criteria and buy the Xbox One from them, they will trade in your SELECT Xbox 360 game for the for the Xbox One version on the spot for $0.00. No coupons. No return visit. No charge because you just shelled out $559.00 plus tax for an Xbox One and a SELECT Xbox 360 title!

Speak up, what do you think?

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