Is GameStop Ripping You Off with that Xbox One Purchase?

I again ask the question, is GameStop ripping you off, this time with your pre-order of the Xbox One? I’ll also start off by recommending that if you think this is a rip-off that you can buy your Xbox One Day One Edition without paying more at Wal-Mart. Actually. I’ll go beyond that and recommend if you are not 100% sure about getting an Xbox One you should consider the PS4 instead. Its costs less and the PlayStation Network, Sony’s online/multiplayer gaming network is free and admittedly differs from XBL in some important ways.

Ok, first off the image of the GameStop website I am basing this post off of is here:

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Now, if you look closely you will notice that each and every Xbox One Pre-Order option at GameStop includes one video game. This means you cannot simply buy the Xbox One on day one release at GameStop unless you buy a video game. You might be thinking, that’s okay, that’s a bundle so I’m probably saving some money, right? That’s reasonable, but incorrect:

$499.99 Xbox One Day One Edition
$59.99 Xbox One Video Game*
$559.98 TOTAL

Now take a look at the prices from the GameStop website. Not ony do you HAVE to buy a video game with your Xbox One, but it HAS to be one of these selected video games. And even then, you get $0 discount, none, zilch, nada!

Now scroll back up to the top and either buy your Xbox One at Wal-Mart, or maybe you know somewhere else you can pre-order the Xbox One all by itself for $499.99, or consider buying the PS4 instead and save yourself money each month if you are going to be gaming online. Xbox Live (XBL) is about $10/mo currently, and the PlayStation Network (PSN) is free. If you are a budget gamer, you should really consider the PS4.

One last note. I don’t even think its a great idea to buy the Xbox One OR the PS4 when they are first released unless you make money playing video games or you have the money to spend. I expect prices may drop – based off of nothing besides a hunch – and I’d rather let Microsoft and Sony work their day one bugs out on someone else while I enjoy my Xbox 360 and PS3 games! Oh, and if you want to bet even less money, or if you are a super-budget gamer you may want to consider the Ouya instead. As of the date of the posting I just linked to there were still bugs being worked out, but the system costs a LOT less.

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