Google Adsense Terms & Conditions

I’ve seen websites that break Google’s Terms & Conditions for Google Adsense. As of 11/4/2014 these are the terms include the following restrictions on using Google Adsense:

  • Publishers may not click on their own ads or encourage others to do so.
  • Publishers may not place ads on sites that include incentives to users to click on ads or format their sites to mislead users into clicking on ads.
  • Publishers may not place ads on sites that display adult content, including pornography.
  • Publishers may not place ads on sites with content protected by copyright unless they have the legal right to do so.
  • Publishers may not sign up for an AdSense account if they have an account already.
  • Google may terminate a publisher’s use of the AdSense service, including for invalid clicks or impressions or other violations of the Program Policies. In the event of termination, Google will withhold unpaid revenue and make its best effort to return all unpaid revenue, including Google’s share, to affected advertisers.

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