One of the Guys to Blame When Gmail Goes Down

Okay, first off the header up there is a JOKE, this guy is NOT the person to blame when Gmail goes down. But he’s one lucky computer dude!

When Gmail does go down or seems unusually slow Hareesh Nagarajan (or his co-workers) or Gmail usually aren’t the cause. Usual suspects for Gmail issues…? Don’t forget your ISP. How about your computer (RAM, CPU, how many programs you are running, etc)? Also how many features have you chosen in Gmail? Also, try these tips to get Gmail running faster.

Moving on, Hareesh Nagarajan is one of the guys that works with computers at Google – how cool is that job? Can you imagine being paid to work on computers at Google?

Hareesh Nagarajan, lucky google dude

SOME DUDE: Hey, what do you do?

GOOGLE DUDE: Me, oh, I work with computers at Google.

SOME DUDE: So, you play video games all day?

GOOGLE DUDE: Nah, I upload my photos to my Picasa account, and pretty much basically I google stuff all day. Like yesterday I was googling how to improve my golf swing, and the latest statistics classes I could take to brush up.

SOME DUDE (in conspiratorial tone): C’mon man, you can tell me. Google has a bunch of Alienware PC’s and you guys game it up all day, right?

GOOGLE DUDE: No, get serious, that’s just the break room you’re describing.

Ok, back to serious again… Hareesh Nagarajan loves statistics and data, writes software, blogs and writes software. Faces of Google also points out Hareesh also does NOT play video games at work, but helps keep their datacenters running at max efficiency. Did I mention he writes software? Oh, twice… read the Gmail blog post and maybe you’ll see why.