Halo Reach

Halo Reach: Tips, hints, strategy, walk throughs, and other cool Halo Reach stuff1130 Hours, August 11, 2517 (Military Calendar) /
Eridanus Star System, Eridanus 2, Elysium City

Number 117 had all the genetic markers she had flagged in her original study he was as close to a perfect subject for her purposes as science could determine. But Dr. Halsey knew it would take more than theoretical perfection to make this project work. People were more than the sum of their genes. There were environmental factors, mutations, learned ethics, and a hundred other factors that could make this candidate unacceptable.

– From Halo, The Fall of Reach (Eric Nylund), pg. 22


Please take note that many of the Halo articles on this site contain spoilers. This is especially true of the Walkthroughs since they are written for the gamer who is stuck or the gamer who has already completed the game at least once and is looking for new ideas for strategy or ideas.

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