What do the New York Times, the Bible, Wall Street Journal, Princeton University textbooks and the Slashdot blog have in common? They are all be appearing on the Amazon Kindle ($299 new on Amazon.com) and the Amazon Kindle DX ($489 new on Amazon.com)!

  • A 9.7-inch display with 16 shades of gray – larger than standard Kindle‘s 6-inch display
  • An auto-rotating screen goes portrait or landscape views
  • 3G Wireless (no annual contracts or monthly fees)
  • Whispersync technology lets you synchronize Kindles across your iPhone
  • Native PDF reader
  • Audio Books (PC to Kindle)
  • Wireless Access to Wikipedia
  • Built-in Dictionary
  • Text-to-speech reader
  • Speakers and headset/headphone jack
  • Read for days without charging

Way lighter than a computer, lighter than a notebook, and lasts longer on batteries than even a netbook, the Amazon Kindle DX specializes in delivering digital books, magazines, newspapers, and even blogs to you. No computer is required to read e-books on the Kindle DX, but you can get extended use by transferring audio book files from your PC making it “safer” from hacking attacks.


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